Plumbing Is Not An Easy Job

I am one of those people who tries to get out and spend time with friends as much as possible. A few weeks ago, my friend called me and told me that I was due for a visit. He said, “Tracy, if you don’t get on a plane and make your way to West Texas I am going to have to disown you.” Since I am not in a position to lose one of the best friends I ever had, I decided to go and make the trip.

My buddy is a plumber in Midland Texas and we discussed his job at length once I got there and we were relaxing and downing a few margaritas at his favorite Tex-Mex place. It was interesting to hear about all of the things that he experiences on a daily basis. From dealing with leaky pipes in ceilings that are threatening to ruin the integrity of the buildings in question to dealing with people who have weird things stuck in their drains, it appears that his days are as exciting as mine, and I prefer to think of myself as an adventure seeker.

The one thing that I found to be the most fascinating was the fact that people get in touch with him when they have problems with their gas. Now I believed for all of my life that you would call someone at your local gas company if you smelled a weird smell or you needed to have a stove fixed because it was not properly fitted to the gas line, but you call a plumber.

I am glad that I learned all of these new things, especially since it gave me a renewed appreciation for what someone does that works in a different industry. I now have a better understanding of the kind of person my friend is after hearing about how he handled several different situations.